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When an order for title insurance is submitted on my behalf, the order will be deemed to include the following assurances:

I have investigated title to the insured land in the manner prescribed by my professional society, excluding, however, those searches not required by Stewart Title Guaranty Company; and in my opinion, in so far as that investigation revealed each named insured has obtained a good and marketable interest in the insured land referred to above. I also confirm the following:

  1. I will comply with any and all requirements of the mortgage lender as set out in its Instructions to Solicitor;
  2. I have disclosed all title matters which would otherwise qualify my opinion on title;
  3. Title will be clear of all Executions, Judgments and Writs;
  4. Taxes will be paid on closing or an undertaking to pay outstanding taxes obtained;
  5. I will advise Stewart Title of any additional registrations or matters affecting title, changes to the status of the property and/or the insured's interest prior to closing. If I become aware of any of these circumstances arising after closing but prior to payment remittance, I will advise Stewart Title immediately;
  6. I will advise Stewart Title of any changes in the Scheduled Closing Date;
  7. I will disclose all exceptions to coverage to the purchaser/mortgagor and mortgagee as applicable;
  8. I will forthwith advise Stewart Title of any changes to my support staff so that corresponding access to STEPS can be removed.
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Certification and Consent

I understand that the information and/or statements provided herein shall be used to determine my personal eligibility for ordering title insurance policies from Stewart Title Guaranty Company (Canadian Branch) and/or its subsidiaries. I acknowledge that if any other members of my firm wish to place title insurance orders that they must complete a separate application form. I understand that the Company may verify and exchange information with third parties regarding this application and subsequent contractual agreements, including, but not limited to requesting investigative consumer reports, records of criminal convictions, credit reports and/or consumer reports, and that the Company may contact those sources to update information at any time. I acknowledge that an annual renewal of this Application may be required.

I hereby authorize any Provincial Law Society/Notary Society and any insurer, to provide the Company and/or its subsidiaries, in writing or otherwise, with any information it may have about me, including but not limited to complaints against me, claims against me, audits, and discipline records. I authorize any entity noted within (Law Society/Notary Society, E&O insurer, title insurer, lender, etc.) to disclose information sufficient to determine the accuracy of my statements above. By completing this application, I agree to allow Stewart Title to review files for which a claim inquiry has been made.

Credit Report

The protection of personal information is important to Stewart Title and accordingly we have policies and procedures in place to effectively manage and secure the personal information we receive. Personal information is used for the purposes set out in our privacy policy, including, for the purposes of processing the application for insurance, assessing risk, underwriting and issuing the policy, verifying identity, investigating and adjudicating claims, and detecting and preventing fraud. From time to time, we transfer personal information, which may include electronic formats such as emails, for administrative, data backup, or processing purposes (including accounting and claims administration) to Stewart Title’s parent or related companies or to third party service providers, which may be in another jurisdiction, including the USA. We use contractual or other safeguards to ensure protection of personal information transferred to Stewart Title’s parent or related companies or to third party service providers.

I confirm that when ordering a policy from Stewart Title that I will obtain express consent from my client prior to disclosing their personal information to Stewart Title, and such consent is sufficient to allow Stewart Title to collect use and disclose my client’s personal information (including outside of Canada/Quebec) for the purposes of processing the application for title insurance, assessing risk, underwriting and issuing the policy, verifying identity, investigating and adjudicating claims, and detecting and preventing fraud. In addition, I consent to my personal information being transmitted over the Internet, being a non-secure transmission route.

Email Consent
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  • Fraud and other closing alert bulletins
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  • Information about real estate related products and services offered by our partners
  • Other commercial electronic messages related to real estate conveyancing
  • You may unsubscribe at any time by using the 'unsubscribe' function in Stewart Title emails or by contacting
  • You understand that as an active client of Stewart Title, you may still receive email bulletins that convey important information with respect to changes to title insurance coverage and ordering practices, even if you do not consent above or later unsubscribe.

*By making this selection you are providing CASL Consent to receive commercial electronic messages from Stewart Title Guaranty Company (either from one of our associates or a corporate communication sent using an email tool) to the email address provided as part of this application process. Your consent can be retracted at any time.

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