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    For mortgages with an unknown lender name, the policy premium will be calculated at the standard rate for institutional lenders. Should the lender name (when available) be classified as a private lender, an increased policy premium for private lenders will be applied. Please contact us for more information.
    For mortgages where the lender was not found, the policy premium will be calculated at the standard rate for private lenders. Should the lender be classified as an institutional lender, the lender policy premium will be calculated at the reduced rate for institutional lenders. Please contact us for more information.
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The use of this premium calculator is for Canadian properties only (single-site residential and single-site commercial transactions of up to a $2 million policy amount). For complex, multi-site or native land transactions, or for transactions valued at over $2 million, please contact Stewart Title at (888) 667-5151 or request a commercial premium online.

Please note that use of the calculator does not bind Stewart Title to issuing a particular policy as each transaction is reviewed from an underwriting perspective once an order is placed.

Should the final transaction details differ from what was provided in this calculation, or if additional coverage is requested for which there is an additional premium applicable, this quote will not apply and premium applicable will be the amount calculated using the information provided at the time the policy order is placed. Subject to the above, your quote received using this calculator is binding on Stewart Title for 48 hours from receipt of the quote. Please print this page for your records.